5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration For Muft Rashan 12 May 2024 

5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration Start .The Punjab government has issued 5566 utility store subsidy registrations on the special instructions of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. Good news for all those families who want to get a household ration. The Punjab government has started ration cards. 

Under which now you will be given subsidy on monthly ration, complete details will be given to you in this article. How you can get your monthly ration through 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration. The government of Pakistan has also introduced Nigheban cards for the convenience of the poor people. Through which every family can easily visit the utility store every month to get subsidy on household ration. 

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Let us tell you that in the holy month of Ramadan, Maryam Nawaz provided free atta and ration to the people. But now poor families living in Punjab will be given a discount on ration. Nigehbaan Card has been launched for this purpose. Under which you will be able to get your financial aid ration every month. So read the article carefully and get complete details.

Ehsaas Rashan Package 2024 Utility Store

Punjab Government has restarted the Ehsaas Ration Package. In this package, free food ration and household items will be given to the public. The latest update of the ration program states that all families whose monthly income is less than Rs 60,000 should qualify. And get a subsidy on ration every month. Here you will be told the complete benefits of subsidy so you have to read this article carefully.

5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration For Muft Rashan 12 May 2024 

Let us tell you that you will be given free ration from this program at this time. When you get eligible in the utility store please send your CNIC number to code 5566. And check your eligibility to get your monthly subsidy. This article will provide the complete procedure of registration. You will be told the registration procedure in detail so you have to read this article in detail.

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Check PMT Score For Free Rashan Program

Let us tell you that to join the ration program you must have a low poverty score. Maryam Nawaz has said that all such families whose PMT score will be between 30 to 35 percent will be given free ration. 

How you can check your PMT score complete details are given in this article. To get a free ration for this purpose you have to go to the official website and check your PMT score through the PMT score tool. In order to be eligible for an up ration.

Negahban Utility Store 5566 Online Registration

The Maryam Nawaz Nighban program has been restarted. Earlier people were given door-to-door rations through the Nigheban programme. But now that system has been abolished. Now Maryam Nawaz has announced that people will be given Nigehbaan cards. 

Through which they will be able to easily get a subsidy from the utility every month. 5566 code SMS service has also been restored for this purpose. You can check your CNIC number with code 5566 and get your eligibility.

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How To Get Free Ehsaas Rashan From 5566 Utility Store?

When you register yourself in the Up-Ration Program and qualify for 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Registration. So you simply go to any utility store established in your area and show your National Identity Card. So you will be given a discount on household ration. That means you can get a 50 to 60  percent discount. So read this article carefully first register and then check eligibility.

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