Check PMT Score By CNIC Online By Using BISP Portal

Overview of PMT Score and BISP Portal

If you want to check your PMT score in BISP through an online portal using your CNIC card. So you will be told the complete method in this article. So you have to read this article clearly when you Check PMT Score By CNIC Online By Using BISP Portal you can easily register in the Benazir sponsorship program. For this you have to follow the easy steps in this article. Through which you can know your PMT score i.e. poverty score at home and get complete details. This article will tell you what PMT score is and why it is important in the BISP program.

Remember that PMT score is a poverty score, our purpose of this article is to provide you details about PMT score. So that you can easily get financial aid from the BISP program. Once you check your PMT score, you can easily check whether you are eligible for the sponsorship program or not. So you can reduce your PMT score by reading this article with explanation. And you can check your at home using CNIC so read all the information clearly which is provided in this article.

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Importance of Checking PMT Score

The PMT score is a measure of poverty. With the help of this score, you are estimated to be in poverty. Let us tell you that such families with a PMT score of 30% are considered extremely poor. And these individuals are first qualified by the Government of Pakistan for financial assistance programs.

Check PMT Score By CNIC Online By Using BISP Portal

So it is very important for you to check your PMT score. The tool used to check the poverty measure is called the PMT score. Upscore can be checked easily through the portal. Remember that the PMT score indicates a person’s poverty level, whether that family is eligible for financial assistance or not. So don’t forget to check your PMT score.

Step-by-step Guide for Checking PMT Score Online By CNIC

If you wish to receive financial assistance from the BISP program. And you want to check your PMT score and register for the BISP program. So let us tell you that the way to check PMT scores is very easy. You can check your PMT score using your ID card. All this method has been explained to you to check your PMT score. The Government of Pakistan has released a web portal. You can check your poverty score at home and get financial assistance by registering for the BIS program. Here you have to follow a few easy steps through which you can check your PMT score instantly.

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  • First of all you have to visit the official website of Utility Store Corporation
  • There you are given the PMT Score Check web portal
  • You have to click on this portal
  • And enter your 13 digit CNIC without spaces in the first field of the portal
  • After that, you have to enter the four-part image code in the second field
  • And click on Check PMT Score button
  • After that your verification process will start
  • And you will be sent a confirmation message to your mobile number after a few moments

Remember, if your poverty score is between 30 and 35 percent, you will be sent a congratulatory message. That you are eligible for the BISP sponsorship program and that you can get financial aid money easily. Also, if you are told that your PMT score is high, then you need not worry. You should immediately go to the BSP office and get your PMT score reduced. For this purpose you have to go through an NSER survey.

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PMT Score For Registration

Your poverty score should be very low to register in Ehsaas program of BISP programs. So make sure your poverty score is between 30 to 35 percent. So that you can be eligible after registration. Here are all the ways you can lower your poverty score and get financial aid. So you have to read this article carefully. If you have not registered yet, you can register with a PMT score and get financial aid.

Completing the NSER Survey New Update 

Let us tell you how PMT score is linked with registration. Remember to read the information given to you carefully. And follow them to conduct your NSER survey. So that you can never be disqualified from the BISP program. So now let us tell you to provide your correct data during the NSER survey in the BISP program. And remember one thing during the survey that you have to enter your correct and used mobile number. 

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And you have to give them the information that you are absolutely poor, i.e. you have to tell them that our monthly income is very low. And we don’t have a house, there is no breadwinner in our house. When you have to provide such information, your PMT score will be written down. Under which you will be immediately eligible for financial aid programs. So get the NSER survey mandatory so that your financial assistance starts.

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