New Eligibility Criteria For BISP Taleemi Wazaif By Government Of Pakistan 

BISP Taleemi Wazaif New Payment for Students

All children of poor parents are being included in the BISP Taleemi Wazaif program. If you also want to get financial aid scholarships by joining BISP Scholarships. So let us tell you that the Pakistani government has updated the eligibility criteria in the Taleemi Wazaif program. 

Now the opportunity will be provided to the children of all those families who have not yet been able to join the Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Program. The purpose of this article is to tell you how BISP women can get their children’s education scholarships. And can get financial aid scholarships. So read the above article in detail and get all new updates and news.

Announcement of new Criteria by Government

A new update has been added to the Taleemi Wazifa Program. Now get your children’s bay form from NADRA office and go to Benazir Program office and get the survey done. And get your children’s education scholarships every month. For this purpose, the government of Pakistan has introduced new criteria.

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Families who meet this eligibility criteria will be able to easily avail the scholarship money. In this article, you have been told the complete way how you can now get money for your children’s education. And their eligibility and how to get their financial aid.

Details of New Eligibility Requirements

You must complete your survey to be eligible for the Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program. And you have to update your eligibility during the survey so let us tell you that when you go to get your survey registration done at the BISP office. So carry all the documents including your national identity card or bay form. Children’s National Identity Card of mother of childless children attested by NADRA.

New Eligibility Criteria For BISP Taleemi Wazaif By Government Of Pakistan 

There should be complete information about the school in which the children are studying. And apart from this, the student should ensure 70% attendance in the school. Frame the correct information during the survey so that you are included in this program and your children’s education scholarship amount is sent to your account every month. The purpose of this article is to tell you that you can get financial aid and get your children’s education scholarship amount of Rs.4500.

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New latest News of the BISP Taleemi Wazaif 

Let us tell you that the Government of Pakistan has started a new amount of Benazir Education Scholarship Program. All women who are eligible for the sponsorship program should track their children’s educational and educational expenses. And get your children’s installments through the HBL Connect shop set up in your nearest area.

Complete details are shared with you in this article so that all ineligible families can avail the financial assistance amount by getting their verification done and meeting the new eligibility criteria. Also, eligible families should ensure their eligibility as soon as possible and get the financial assistance amount.


The updated eligibility criteria for the BISP Education Scholarship Program by the Government of Pakistan aims to provide financial assistance scholarships to all children from needy families who have not yet availed the Beneezer Education Scholarship Program. With the introduction of the new criteria, families can now easily avail education scholarships for their children. By completing the required survey and ensuring accurate documentation, families can ensure their eligibility for the Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program. 

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The initiative is designed to support children’s education by providing monthly scholarship money, enabling families to meet educational expenses. It is very important for both eligible and ineligible families to stay updated with the latest updates and meet the required criteria to avail the financial assistance provided under the BISP Education Wazifa Program.

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