How Much Is Taleemi Wazaif Child Assistance May 2024

Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa New Update

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Program has been started in the country of Pakistan for the children of poor and deserving parents. So that such poor and deserving families who are unable to educate their children due to financial difficulties. They can get financial aid money and continue their children’s education.

For this purpose, the Education Scholarship Program has been started. The purpose of this program is to provide education scholarship money to those children who cannot get financial assistance due to financial difficulties. This article will give you complete details on how you can join this program and how much financial aid you can get by joining this program.

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So let us tell you that the way to join the education scholarship program is very easy. Scholarship money is given to the students in this program every three months. And this scholarship money is sent to the account of the mother of eligible students. Which they can get through biometric authentication through a HBL ATM.

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif New payment Start 

If you are a student studying in a school, college or university, then there is good news for you that the Benazir Education Scholarship Scheme has announced the release of financial assistance to eligible students. If you are also registered in this program, get your financial aid scholarships immediately. And continue your education.

How Much Is Taleemi Wazaif Child Assistance May 2024 

It should be remembered that the students included in this scheme are given stipends of 1500 to 4500 rupees. If you are already registered, check your eligibility as soon as possible and get your scholarship. Also, if you are not registered, go to the Benazir Program office immediately. You have to go and get your survey done there which is present in your area and after that you will also continue to get financial aid stipend.

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Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Amount for 2024

For the information of the students, please let us know that the budget of the education scholarship program has been increased in the year 2024. The government of Pakistan has announced that financial aid will be distributed to eligible students on completion of primary education. And a special bonus of three thousand rupees will be given.

Remember that stipend of 1500 rupees will be given to students receiving primary education, while stipend of 2 thousand rupees will be given to female students. And similarly, stipend of 2500 rupees will be given to middle school students while 3000 rupees will be given to female students. 

And while intermediate and matric students will be given a stipend of 3500 rupees and female students will be given a stipend of 4500 rupees. So take advantage of this opportunity and get your scholarship from the Government of Pakistan.

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Taleemi Wazaif Dynamic Survey Registration Form

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
اپ کس پروگرام میں رجسٹریشن کروانا چاہتے ہیں انتخاب کریں
والد کا نام
مکمل پتہ

New Method Online Registration Process 

How to join the Benazir Education Scholarship Program is very easy. Here you will be informed about the new registration method. Which has been approved by the Government of Pakistan. Now children studying can join an education scholarship program sitting at home.

For this purpose, the Government of Pakistan has released an online registration form. This form is given to you in this article, complete your registration by filling this form. And get financial aid stipend by striving towards your eligibility.

Who is eligible for Benazir Taleemi Wazaif?

Children who are studying in school, college and university. Children between the ages of five and 23 are also eligible for Benazir Education Wazifa Program. They are also eligible for this program. Note that this program only qualifies those students whose mother joins the kafalat program. So fulfill the eligibility criteria and take full advantage of this program.

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