Verify Your Eligibility for Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Online By Using Form B 

Registration Start for Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Online 

Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Online Program is designed for children of poor and deserving parents in the country of Pakistan. So that all such families who are unable to educate their children due to financial difficulties can join this program and receive financial assistance. And meet your basic needs. For this purpose, Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa 4500 helps deserving people. 

In this program, all families living in Pakistan who belong to backward classes can apply. Those who have no source of income who cannot continue their education due to financial difficulties. You will be told the complete process of new registration for the Benazir education scholarship in this article. 

So that all new families who want to know their eligibility for the Benazir Education Scholarship can get complete information. If you haven’t been able to join this program yet, then you don’t need to worry. Because here you are given a complete guide, you can get complete information by reading this article. How you can join the educational scholarship program and get financial aid money.

Student Verification Process: How eligibility is confirmed

For all the parents who want to enroll their children in an education scholarship program for the first time, complete details are given here. First of all, you have to complete the verification process of your children through NADRA. For this purpose, you have to make your children’s NADRA bay form. 

Verify Your Eligibility for Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Online By Using Form B 

After that, you have to go to any Benazir Income Support Program and submit your National Identity Card and your children’s NADRA-attested birth forms to the representative. After that, your verification process is started. And you are sent to the survey officer which dynamically registers you. By which you are included in this program, you have been given a complete guide frame here. To make it easy for you to join the educational scholarship program.

Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa New Update 2024

There are many students who have got their eligibility for education scholarships keep giving them new updates. The Government of Pakistan has announced that all students should check their mother’s National Identity Card number on their Bay Form. 

If your mother’s National Identity Card number is not on your Bay Form, your stipend will be withheld. So stay tuned for new updates and complete your verification process as soon as possible. If all your documents are correct then you can get your stipend of Rs 4500 per month without any problem.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying Online

As you have been told, children from all poor families can join this program. So follow the eligibility you have been told in a few easy steps.

Conditions for Enrollment in Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa:

  • The mother of the student should be eligible for Benazir Kafalat
  • Children’s Bay Form issued by NADRA

Latest Update Benazir Taleemi Wazaifa Document Verification

The registration procedure for Benazir Education Scholarships is very easy. The new update registration procedure will be explained here in detail. So you have to follow these easy steps:

  • Take the children who are to be registered and go to the Benazir Income Support Program office
  • Provide the child’s bay form and the mobile number of the head of the household to the concerned officer
  • The concerned officer will register and issue you an enrollment slip
  • The slip provided by you should be filled by the children’s school
  • It will be mandatory to enter the details of the class teacher and headteacher
  • After making the slip, it has to be submitted back to the Benazir Income Support Program office
  • Note that in this slip, children’s class, children’s section, class teacher’s name, and teacher’s details must be entered.
  • After that, your stipend will be released after the enrollment slip is verified

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