Ehsaas eHunar Program Free Online Courses New Registration Start (Latest Update)

eHunar Program

eHunar Hunarmand’s successful youth program has launched free online courses for those interested in enhancing their skills. This initiative of the government aims to increase employment opportunities, especially in the IT sector.

Through the eHunar Successful Youth Program, participants gain access to a variety of free courses including freelancing, e-commerce, and other online work opportunities. Additionally, financial assistance of up to five lakhs is provided for eligible participants.

The program is open to all Pakistanis and is designed to support those seeking employment, offering valuable resources and training to enhance their skills and employability.

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EHunar Hunarmand Jawan Program

The eHunar program has unveiled its free online courses, inviting individuals to join and take advantage of its offerings. The main objective of the government is to provide employment opportunities for everyone by promoting the Information Technology (IT) sector.

The initiative, known as the eHunar login, emphasizes the assignment of day-to-day work to people while also advancing the IT department. The program focuses on various aspects such as freelancing, e-commerce, and online work opportunities, thereby encouraging their growth. Financial assistance up to five lakhs is also available through this program.

It is an inclusive initiative that welcomes the participation of all citizens of Pakistan. The main objective of the government is to provide employment opportunities to people facing employment challenges. The eHunar program seeks to address the concerns surrounding unemployment by providing opportunities for work and skill development.

Government Of Pakistan Announced Ehsaas eHunar Program 2024

Ehsaas program has many benefits. Recently, the Government of Pakistan has launched a new program under the Ehsaas program called the Ehsaas ehunar Program. In which a golden opportunity for employment is being provided to Pakistani youth. The government of Pakistan wants the youth of Pakistan, who are the capital of the country, to show their experience and improve their performance.

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And the country can become an example of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has also started registration in this program. Where educated youth can join and start their own business. For this, the government of Pakistan is providing interest-free loans. You can also join this program to know complete details read this article carefully thanks.

List Of 3 Months Certification Courses

Here is the list of courses offered by eHunar, an online employment provider with the support of the Government of Pakistan:

  • Filter apps (web, mobile, and desktop apps)
  • UI / UX designing
  • Complete YouTube Expertise
  • Adobe After Effects (motion graphics and animations)
  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D
  • AWS FBA Business
  • MS Office
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PHP Laravel
  • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)
  • Python for everyone
  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Cisco CCNA (R&S)
  • Shopify Drop Shipping
  • AWS Virtual Assistant
  • Video editing

These courses offer training and certification programs aimed at imparting advanced skills and knowledge in various fields, catering to diverse interests and career paths. Participants can avail of these courses to enhance their skills and employability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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List Of 6 Months Certification Courses

Here is a list of additional 6-month certification courses offered by eHunar:

  • Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science
  • Android Apps Development
  • PPC Google Ads
  • Full-stack digital marketing
  • Full stack graphics design
  • Full-stack web development
  • Penetration testing web hacking
  • eBay dropshipping
  • iOS Apps Development with SwiftUI

These courses focus on more specialized and in-depth learning, providing comprehensive training in various fields such as technology, digital marketing, design, and e-commerce. Participants can acquire advanced skills and knowledge in these fields to enhance their expertise and career prospects in their chosen field.

EHunar Kamyab Jawan Program

A successful youth-oriented initiative, eHunar aims to combat the growing unemployment problem faced by the youth in Pakistan. The country’s precarious situation, especially rising inflation, has made finding employment difficult for many. In response, eHunar was launched to provide job opportunities to youth who were struggling to find employment.

Ehsaas eHunar Program Free Online Courses New Registration Start For Fresher

The government introduced online job opportunities through this program, providing people with a means of earning substantial income, sometimes reaching lakhs of rupees per month. This initiative is specifically designed to support young people, allowing them to learn valuable skills and engage in online work opportunities.

eHunar has announced plans to educate the youth of Pakistan through 24 free online courses. These courses cover a variety of areas, allowing participants to take advantage of the programs and ultimately acquire the skills necessary to thrive in these online job opportunities.

EHunar Hunarmand Jawan Program

Due to the unemployment challenges faced by many educated people in Pakistan, the government is putting a lot of emphasis on online job opportunities. Despite their qualifications, they often struggle to get jobs. Consequently, the government has prioritized online classes and introduced 24 courses through the successful Ehonar programme.

These courses are designed to enable individuals to earn substantial income, sometimes reaching millions of rupees, by taking advantage of Pakistan’s growing technological advancement in the education sector. The Government of Pakistan is advancing its mission to transform the country into an IT hub, providing job opportunities that cater to the needs of youth and students across Pakistan. The initiative aims to bridge the unemployment gap by empowering individuals through online work and technical skills.

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All Ehunar Cours List

Here is a list of different courses that are often offered in online work and skill development programs:

  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Unload equipment
  • E-commerce
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Fiverr (Freelance Platform)
  • Freelancing Skills.
  • Video editing
  • Online research
  • Video animation
  • Voice over work
  • Copywriting
  • Customer service
  • Audio editing
  • Online sales strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web design
  • Virtual editing plans
  • Web Research
  • Online bookkeeping

These courses cover a wide array of skills and knowledge that are in demand for various online job opportunities and freelancing roles. They aim to equip people with the practical skills needed to excel in the digital marketplace and online business landscape.

How To Apply For the Ehunar Program?

  • Complete the Procedure to Apply Online in the e-Skills Programme
  • First, visit the official website of the Up e-Skills Program
  • There you will find an application form
  • You have to sign up for the application
  • After that, the email will be verified through OTP
  • After verification, login to your account
  • And then select the course
  • After that submit the application form
  • As soon as your application form is accepted
  • After that, you have to take the online test
  • Pass must pay the application fee and submit an online admission

How to Contact the Ehunar Program

Following are the contact details for eHunar:

Contact No: 042-37495999


Address: Lahore

If you have any questions, need help, or want to learn more about eHunar programs, you can reach them using the contact information provided.

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