Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration using your National Identity Card

Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

Ehsaas survey program online registration has been started to identify poor and deserving families. Individuals who have not completed their online survey for the Ehsaas program. They are unable to apply for the Benazir sponsorship program. The government of Pakistan has started many programs under the Ehsaas Program to help poor people.

Among them, the Benazir Program is popularly known as the BISP Program. Under this program, an amount of Rs. 10500 is given to poor families every three months. This initiative has been started to support the poor. Suppose you are a person who is poor and deserving and is making a living with great difficulty. And is worried about this rising inflation.

NSER Survey Form Status Check Here

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Ehsaas Survey

So join the Ehsaas survey program get your household surveyed and join the financial assistance programs. If you have not completed your Ehsaas NSER survey, you should immediately find your nearest registration center. Register yourself. The government of Pakistan has started a survey again. Where you can complete your household survey. If you have already done the survey, check your household eligibility at home.

Ehsaas NSER Survey

Registration in the Ehsaas program has started. Remember that now your registration will be through the survey. If you want to participate in Ehsaas NSER survey then follow the given instructions. Conduct your survey according to the method described in this article. You have to go to Ehsaas NSER Survey Center with your National Identity Card to get the survey done.

How to Register In Ehsaas NSER Survey?

  • Complete the procedure to join the Ehsaas program
  • How can you get Ehsaas NSER survey done?
  • First, find your nearest registration center
  • And Benazir reached the office with his national identity card
  • And take your survey
  • You will be surveyed in Benazir’s office
  • According to this survey, you will be asked where you live
  • And how many people are there in your house?
  • And what do you do?
  • After asking various questions you will be handed a form
  • Which you will have to fill
  • After that, you will be checked
  • Then you will be given a confirmation slip

Required Documents

You must have the following documents for the Ehsaas user survey

  • You must have a National Identity Card
  • Nadra of children should be formless
  • Your household’s gas and electricity bill

NSER Ehsaas Survey Program Online Registration

The government of Pakistan has announced new registration for all poor families. In 2024, money will be given to all those families who have not yet received money from the Ehsaas programme. Are you also a person who wants to receive money but you have been disqualified? So you don’t need to worry at all
Joining the Ehsaas program is now easy, just do the verification from the NADRA office, survey the Benazir Income Support Program office, and get the money.

WWW.NSER.NADAR.Gov.PK Online Registration

Complete details about your household will be taken from you at the survey center. You will be asked what you do and how many people in your family are earning. And how many literate people are there in your house? And how many children are getting a school education? If you answer these questions correctly. So you are given a slip which you have to fill. If you are illiterate, you can get this slip filled by the officer. After that, you have to submit this form and your survey will be completed.


The government of Pakistan has started a survey of poor people through NADRA. You can also get your registration done by WWW NSER Nadra GOV Pk tracking. Remember that you will be given a token as a tracking ID before your survey at Benazir’s office or Ehsaas Registration Center. According to this token, you will have a survey. Google even waits your turn in Benazir’s office. Go to the registration room according to the token number. So that you can register without any problem.

Ehsaas Survey Center

For those who don’t know about the Ehsaas Survey Center, we tell you how you can find these surveys. The Government of Pakistan has established more than 600 tehsil offices for the survey. You are given the list of the offices below this paragraph. Click on the submit button find your nearest registration center and complete your survey.

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Ehsaas Survey Eligibility Check

To get your survey done in the Ehsaas program, first check your household’s eligibility online. The eligibility check procedure is very easy. If you are eligible, you can participate in the survey. Because if you are not eligible and your poverty score is high then you will not be included in the survey.

So check Ehsaas survey facility through your CNIC at home. Enter your ID card number in the given portal to check eligibility. And find out your family’s eligibility. Apart from this, you can also check the eligibility of your family through the official website of the BISP program which is a very easy and simple way.

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