Ehsaas Kafalat Portal Update Payment System for 2024  

New Kafalat Payment Method 10500

Ehsaas Kafalat portal has been released to check new payments. Now you can check your sponsorship amount at home. If you want to get your financial aid, read this article carefully. It will explain all the ways through which you can easily receive the new alimony payments. Now the Government of Pakistan has changed the new sponsorship payment system. 

Now eligible and deserving women will be easily given their new maintenance payment of Rs.10500. For this purpose, the Government of Pakistan has tied up with 6 different banks to issue payments on behalf of the Ehsaas Kafalat program through which money will be given to people. 

Because many families are unable to receive maintenance payments due to various difficulties. Due to this reason, the payment of sponsorship will now be made easily through banks. That’s why we stand with you so that you know the new payment system, and how and when you can get this new payment.

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Get Benazir Kafalat’s New Payment through the Banks

If your family status is eligible for the program, let us know that your money has been deposited into your account. Now you don’t have to worry about getting this amount. Now you can get your BISP sponsorship amount through a bank. The Government of Pakistan has taken the initiative of releasing money for Kafalat through banks for the convenience of eligible and registered women.

Now people will get their BISP installment through banks with Basani. If you want to get your money, first check your money from the given portal. After you have checked the amount, when you are sure that the money has been deposited in your account, then go to your nearest HBL or Al Falah Bank. And receive your full BISP amount of Rs.10500 after biometric verification there.

Check Ehsaas Kafalat Payment At Home online New Portal

There is good news for women who are registered in BISP and Ehsaas as now there is a new update of the Ehsaas program. It is mentioned that before receiving the money, check your money through the portal sitting at home. So that you can receive your full amount if you or someone in your household is registered in Ehsaas.So first check your amount through the Ehsaas Kafalat portal.

Ehsaas Kafalat Portal Update Payment System for 2024  

If you have received money in your account, you will be shown through this portal. After that, take your ID card and go to your nearest HBL Alfalah Bank or Charwadar Bank and receive your payment. The way to check this amount is very easy and simple.

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You just have to follow a few easy steps:

  • Select the given portal to check the amount
  • Enter your CNIC number in the first box of this portal
  • And immediately after that enter the four-digit code given in the image
  • And finally press the Know button

How to Receive New Payment Ehsaas Kafalat 

The quarterly installment of the Ehsaas Kafalat program of Rs 10500 has been released by the Government of Pakistan in the account of eligible people. Withdraw this amount from your account as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to get new money then you don’t need to worry at all.

You can receive 10500 by following these simple steps:

  • Go to any bank center with your ID card
  • Go to the ATM there
  • Select the language
  • Select the Urdu language
  • And then enter your CNIC number
  • Then click on the enter button
  • And then put your thumb
  • And then click on the Check Payment button
  • Get money information
  • And click on withdraw money button
  • And then type 10 thousand five
  • And get your Complete Payment of 10500

New Latest Update about the Current Kafalat payment 

The first episode of the Benazir Kafalat program has been released. Congratulations to all the families who are registered in this program to check their money at home through the given portal as soon as possible. 

And then select any bank to receive the amount and receive your amount by following the above procedure. Remember that there are many benefits of the Ehsaas program, you can join this program and get the financial aid amount in your account every month without any problem. Read this article carefully to know the complete details.

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