Breaking News: Punjab Govt Introduces Bardana App Scheme for Wheat Procurement

Punjab Government Introduces Bardana App for Farmers 

The Punjab government has introduced the Bardana app to purchase wheat from farmers. Today In this article, you will be told how farmers of Punjab can submit their applications for the sale of wheat through the Bardana app. Let us tell you that there is no fixed target for purchasing wheat this year. All centers will buy wheat according to their requirements. So all the farmers who want to sell their wheat should contact the Punjab Govt and get their registration in the Bardana App Scheme.

The government has announced that farmers no longer need to visit a PASCO center to sell their wheat, they can sell their wheat online. So register yourself in the Up Bardana Scheme and get your eligibility. Farmers can register for the center at which they want to sell their wheat through the BardAnah app.

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When your registration is complete, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number of registered farmers by Govt Pasco authorities. And thus the buying and selling of wheat will begin. Apart from this, let us tell you that the government will buy wheat from the farmers at the rate of 3900 per 40 kg. Now it has also been informed that in addition to the price of wheat, farmers will be paid Rs 30 per 1000 kg as delivery charges.

What is the Bardana App Scheme?

What is the Bardana App Scheme and what are the benefits for farmers and how can they apply for it? It should be noted that the Punjab government has introduced the Bardana app to buy wheat from farmers. Through this farmers sitting at home can get their registration done and sell their wheat. 

Because this year the rate of wheat is not fixed and let us tell you that the government is buying wheat from farmers at 3800 per 40 kg. So if you want to join this scheme read the article with an explanation.

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Bardana App Online Registration Procedure

Registration in the Bardana App released by the Punjab Government has started completely. If you also want to register yourself, then please let us know that you have to follow the simple steps and procedures given below. Here is the online registration procedure through the app:

  • First of all, you have to go to the Play Store on your mobile
  • After going there you have to download the Bardana app
  • Punjab government releases this app Play store
  • As soon as you manage to download this app
  • Then create your account
  • Enter your National Identity Card number and land information and click on the submit button
  • As soon as your registration is complete, you will be notified via SMS on your mobile number
  • You have to read that message carefully
  • In this message you will be told which one you can go to your nearest center and sell your wheat

What are the Documentation Required 

You will need some documents to register in Bardana Scheme. Because the following documents are mandatory for registration. The list of required documents is given:

  • Must have Pakistani National Identity Card
  • Must be registered and mobile number used
  • The applicant must be the owner or tenant of the land
  • The applicant must have a Girdavari number

Benefits of Bardana App for Wheat Procurement

There are many benefits of Bardana scheme for farmers, here are some important benefits.. Farmers can submit their applications to sell wheat through this app at home. And can also get a confirmation message from the Punjab Government on completion of registration. So this app is providing many features. As you have been told in this topic, the Punjab government is buying from the farmers at the rate of 3900 rupees per 40 kg. And a farmer holding less than six acres of temporary land can also apply in this scheme.

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The Bardana app introduced by the Punjab government is revolutionizing wheat procurement for farmers. With the facility of online registration and sale, farmers can now save time and effort. The app ensures transparency and efficiency in wheat procurement, benefiting farmers across Punjab. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your wheat hassle-free and contribute to the agricultural economy of Punjab.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bardana App Scheme?

Bardana App Scheme has been introduced by the Punjab Government to facilitate the farmers in selling their wheat. It allows farmers to register and sell their wheat online without visiting Pasco centers.

How can farmers apply for Bardana App Scheme?

Farmers can apply for the Bardana App Scheme by downloading the Bardana App from Play Store. They need to create an account, enter their National Identity Card number and land information, and submit their application. On completion, they receive an SMS notification with details of where to sell their wheat.

What documents are required for registration in the Bardana Scheme?

Farmers need to provide their Pakistan National Identity Card, registered mobile number, proof of land ownership or tenancy and gardawi number to register in the Bardana scheme.

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