BISP Awareness Series - Is there Any Online Way to Conduct the Survey?

BISP Awareness Series

Welcome to the BISP Awareness Series. You will find all questions and answers related to the BISP program in this article. A common question is whether one can register for a BIS program online. You can apply online for this program. Also how much money is available in the BISP program. And who will be eligible for it? Tell what this article is about so you have to read this article with clarity.

Can BISP Program have Online Survey Registration

First of all let’s clarify that the BISP program does not have online registration. Registration and survey is done only through Benazir Income Support Program office. There are many people who are looking for online registration due to which they are not able to get the financial aid amount. Because the government of Pakistan has not made online registration procedure in the Benazir program. 

BISP Awareness Series - Is there Any Online Way to Conduct the Survey?

This is because there are many people in Pakistan who are poor and uneducated. They do not understand the inline procedure. Therefore, the government has not put in place an online registration system. Registration is done through the program office. Check this article to know all the updates.

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How many Registration Methods are there in the BISP Program?

This article provides information to those who want to get their new registration in the BISP program. It should be remembered that the government of Pakistan has formally started the new registration. And the registration procedure in this program is very easy.

Registration is only from Benazir Income Support Program office so you don’t need to because there is only one way of registration which is possible so you go to the office in benazir program for your registration and do your survey. After that you will have money every month.

What Documents will be Required for New Registration?

All the families who want to register with BISP should note that you need to have some documents for registration. A list of documents that are important is given. So, when you go for registration at Benazir office, take these documents with you. In order to qualify you for this program.

Following are the documents required for registration:

  • National Identity Card of Pakistan
  • Your registered and used mobile number 
  • Gas and electricity bill
  • B form of childhood
  • Disability certificate for disabled persons
  • Death certificate of deceased husband for widows
  • Lifetime National Identity Card for Senior Citizens

How can I Join the BISP Program?

All new families and ineligible families check their eligibility by calling 8171 to join the BISP program. And then go to the Benazir program office and get your Survey Registration. After that, you will join the program and you will be given the monthly assistance amount.

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for BISP Programme?

Now let’s talk about what are the eligibility criteria to be eligible for this program. So let us tell you that here is the list which tells the eligibility criteria in the BISP program. 

  • To join the program one must belong to a poor family. 
  • You must be a Pakistani citizen. 
  • You should not own a business or any personal vehicle property in your name. 
  • No member of the applicant’s family should be a government employee. 
  • Applicants should not have a bank account. 
  • Not having performed Hajj and Umrah to apply in BISP.


BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) provides financial assistance to eligible families in Pakistan. While online registration is not available, you can register by visiting the BISP office with the required documents. Remember, only eligible families who meet certain criteria can avail this assistance. If you are not sure about eligibility, you can call 8171 and ask.

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