Punjab Government Approved Roshan Gahrana Scheme Registration Via BOP

Roshan Gahrana Scheme New Registration Start 

The Punjab Government has approved the new registration of the Roshan Gahrana Scheme. Now all the people who want to get a free solar system for their homes can easily register themselves and get financial assistance facility plates. If you want to get registration information then this article must be read up with an explanation.

You can get your eligibility and get free solar panels for yourself. So make sure your registration this article will tell you the complete registration method. It should be noted that the Punjab Government has participated with the Bank of Punjab for the registration of the Roshan Gharana Scheme.

All individuals and farmers should visit the Bank of Punjab as soon as possible and get the application form. To know the complete procedure of registration one has to read the article with an explanation. How you can register and get their financial aid solar panels.

Punjab Government’s Initiative

This is a very good initiative of the Punjab government. Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has started a solar system project, especially for the poor people of Punjab.  It covers households consuming 100 to 300 units of electricity per month. And unable to pay their bills due to financial difficulties. To apply for the Roshan Gharana Scheme to get rid of electricity bills. And get free solar systems for your homes.

Punjab Government Approved Roshan Gahrana Scheme Registration Via BOP

For this purpose, the Government of Pakistan has announced registration in the Roshan Gharana Scheme. Now all poor families can get solar panels by registering themselves. Remember you must have a Pakistani National Identity Card. And you must be a resident of Punjab so that you can get a solar plate from the Punjab government.

New Registration Process with BOP

If you want to do your registration, here you will be told the complete procedure with an explanation. So follow the easy steps and ensure your registration. The registration process for getting a solar system is very easy:

  • If you want to apply for the Roshan Gharana Scheme, you should immediately go to the Bank of Punjab and get the registration form. 
  • There the bank officer will provide you with the registration form. 
  • Which you have to fill. 
  • And all the documents have to be attached. 
  • Like your national CNIC card, mobile phone number, land documents, household gas and electricity bills, etc. 
  • As soon as your registration is complete. 
  • So the officer of the Bank of Punjab will tell you that as soon as your application is received we will contact you and call you. 
  • And will provide you complete details on whether you can get solar plates from the Punjab government or not.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

As you have been told in this article that the registration has been started for the scheme in Roshan Ghar.  Here are some eligibility criteria that must be met. To facilitate your registration. Following are the eligibility criteria for the Roshan Gharana Scheme.

  • Applicant should belong to the Punjab province of Pakistan
  • Applicant must have Pakistan National Identity Card and used mobile number
  • No member of your family should be a government employee
  • You must have a certified electricity and gas bill
  • Your monthly income should be less than 50 thousand rupees
  • You must join the BISP sponsorship program

New Latest Update Roshan Rahrana Scheme

Latest Update of Roshan Gharana Scheme The Punjab Government is providing solar plates free of charge and in easy installments to the deserving households of Punjab. For this purpose, 50 thousand households will be given a free solar system. You don’t need to worry about registration.

The complete method of registration is explained in this article. According to the new update of this scheme, the Punjab Government has participated with BOP for the Roshan Gharana Scheme. So that all the aspirants can easily complete their registration and benefit from this scheme.

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