Government of Pakistan Announces Senior Citizen Installment From the BISP Program

In Pakistan, where many people are always worried about their financial security and household needs, the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) provides an important lifeline for families who are at risk. Among its projects is the Ehsaas Senior Citizen Installment Program, which provides monthly financial assistance to senior citizens to help them cope with the challenges of aging. This complete guide is for you if you are a senior and wondering how to get this important help.

Ehsaas Old Age Program for Pakistani Bazurgs

Good news for the poor from the Government of Pakistan As you know the elections have been held in Pakistan. And now the new government has increased the number of financial assistance programs. In which the Ehsaas Old Age Program is designed for senior citizens. So that senior citizens can get financial assistance every month, in this article, you have been told the complete procedure for the registration of senior citizens.

If you have any elderly people in your house or family, you should immediately enroll them in the Benazir program and get the financial assistance amount every month. Remember, the registration method is straightforward, the Pakistani government has allocated a weekday for the registration of senior citizens. Benazir’s office only registers senior citizens on weekdays. So that the elderly people do not face any kind of problem.

Securing Your Golden Years: A Guide to Obtaining Senior Citizen Installments from the BISP Program

New Payment for the Benazir Income Support Program You can use 8171 to recheck your eligibility if you are registered for this program. You can verify the online registration procedure if you still need to enroll in this program. for you to finish registering. We also inform you that the registration process is finished. How to carry out this procedure with ease.

The Benazir Income Support Program is crucial in helping worthy individuals over 65 receive financial aid. As soon as feasible, the installment payment process under this scheme was initiated.

Who Can Get Senior Citizen Installment Under the BISP Program?

Ehsaas Senior Citizen Installments under the BISP program are available to Pakistani citizens who are 65 years of age or older, live permanently in the nation, make less than PKR 25,000 per month, and exhibit vulnerability as a result of low income, a lack of social support, or long-term health issues. In essence, this program aims to guarantee the financial security and well-being of senior citizens who are below the poverty line and have limited resources.

Eligibility Criteria for Senior Citizens in Ehsaas Programme

It’s important to determine whether you qualify for the Senior Citizen Installment Program before beginning the online application process. The following are the essential conditions:

  • Citizenship of Pakistan: You have to be a citizen of Pakistan and live within its boundaries full-time.
  • Age Requirement: At the time of application, you must be at least 65 years old.
  • Income Cutoff Point: Your total monthly revenue from all sources shouldn’t be more than 25,000 Pakistani rupees.
  • Nvulnerability Standards: You have to meet certain criteria to be considered vulnerable, such as having irregular income, little social support, or ongoing medical issues.

Submission of Required Documents for Registration:

As soon as your eligibility has been verified, you must collect the necessary paperwork for your application. Usually, these consist of:

  • Computed National Identity Card, or CNIC: Copies of the CNICs for the applicant and their spouse are needed.
  • Income Proof: Please submit any pertinent documentation, such as pay stubs, pension slips, or real estate rental receipts, if you have any sources of income.
  • Medical Certificate: A medical certificate from a government hospital or licensed physician is required if you are claiming vulnerability because of health issues.
  • Relationship Proof: Please include a marriage or birth certificate, if you are applying on behalf of a spouse or dependent family member.

Choosing Your Application Method:

BISP offers various convenient avenues to submit your application:

Online Portal:

Create an account and electronically submit your application at bisp gov pk, the BISP website.

Mobile App: 

Open the Google Play Store, download the BISP app, and then follow the app’s instructions.

SMS Registration: 

To begin the application procedure, text your CNIC number to 8171.

BISP Regional Offices: 

Come to the BISP regional office that is closest to you and physically turn in your application.

Navigating the Application Process:

Once you’ve decided on your favorite approach, take these actions:

  • Make sure to carefully fill out the application form, providing correct and comprehensive information.
  • Enclosed are scanned copies of any necessary paperwork.
  • Before submitting, thoroughly review your application.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a special tracking number after submitting.
  • You can check the status of your application online with the tracking number or by phoning the BISP service at 0800-26477.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Keep your CNIC close at hand the entire time.
  • To keep yourself from being disqualified, give true and accurate facts.
  • Watch out for dishonest people or those who offer to accelerate your application in exchange for a charge. All qualifying people can use the free BISP services.
  • Check the BISP website or social media pages for announcements and updates regarding the program.

Process Beyond Installments

  • The Ehsaas Senior Citizen Installment Program encompasses more than just monetary support. Seniors with emotional and social needs are acknowledged by BISP, which also provides extra support programs including free medical care at specific hospitals.
  • clubs for senior persons and leisure pursuits.
  • Health, legal rights, and money management awareness programs.


For senior Pakistanis, the Ehsaas Senior Citizen Installment Program is invaluable because it provides them with a sense of dignity and financial security throughout their golden years. You can easily manage the application process and receive the support you need by being aware of the eligibility requirements, assembling the required paperwork, and selecting the best application option. Never forget that you are not traveling alone. With a dedication to securing your welfare and a better tomorrow, BISP is at your side. So, start now and unleash the possibilities of this worthwhile program.

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