Ehsaas New Eligibility Criteria 2024 Who Can be Eligible For 10500

In the latest update of the 8171 Ehsaas program if you want to qualify your family or you want to register yourself. So join this program. If you are ready for your confirmation, you will also get financial aid.  If you want to check your money yourself, you are in the right place.

We will let you know how you can register. If you are a family member who could not participate in the previous survey or you are eligible but your bank account has been blocked. So you can learn in this article how to solve your problems. 

Ehsaas Eligibility Criteria 2024 NADRA

This article will walk you through the registration information. And how you can check the money 9000 in your account is also explained. Only poor and deserving families are being included in this program. Hence Ehsaas new eligibility criteria have been changed in 2024 which is explained in detail in this article.

Get your qualification in the Ehsaas program in 2024. Ehsaas is expanding its reach in 2024. Therefore, eligibility criteria have also been kept in this program:

  • In this program, widows, divorced women, disabled persons, and children in education are eligible
  • The poor must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible
  • Applicants should not have more than five acres of land in their names
  • No family members of the applicants should be government employees
  • Applicants should not own a business or own a vehicle
  • Applicants should belong to a poor family
  • This program grant will help you with health education and household needs
  • Check your eligibility through Nadar or visit the BISP office get your survey done and get money.

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Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA Latest Update

Ehsaas program how to get your registration done through NADRA. Dear viewers, Nadira is the most important pillar of the Ehsaas program. You will be able to join the Ehsaas program only if you are declared eligible by NADRA. 

Because NADRA has all the family data, they have the monthly income poverty records. Based on this data, the government of Pakistan includes the poor in this program. So first get your verification done and then apply for this program so that you can get financial aid properly.

Ehsaas New Eligibility Criteria 2024 Who Can be Eligible For 10500

Who is Eligible For Ehsaas Program 2024

How do you know if you qualify for this program? For this purpose, the Ehsaas program has created the Ehsaas 8171 portal. Within this portal, you can check at home whether you have been included in the program after registration or not. 

New Ehsaas 8171 Web Portal For Online Registration 2024

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in this article, then you can easily apply for financial aid. Because people who are poor and deserving are being included in the Ehsaas program. And they are being given financial assistance of 10,500. If you also want to get your money, check your eligibility through the 8171 portal at home.

If you are eligible for this program then you need to visit the program office. After that, you will start receiving the financial aid amount. Apart from this, if you face any kind of problem, you can immediately call the helpline of the program and get the problems solved.

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8171 Web Portal Update Ehsaas Program

If you qualify for it, then you can expect that aid money. Also, if the 8171 web portal Ehsaas program tells you that your survey has not been done yet, you will have to do a survey again. Then you will get financial assistance after completing the survey come back to this portal and check your eligibility.


The Ehsaas Eligibility Criteria updated in 2024 offers a ray of hope to countless disadvantaged families across Pakistan. By prioritizing women, focusing on those living below the poverty line, and expanding its reach, the program takes an important step toward eradicating poverty and empowering vulnerable communities. Remember, checking your eligibility through NADRA and exploring your options through BISP is the key to unlocking this potential support. 

Whether you are a widow striving for a better life for your children, a young girl dreaming of educational opportunities, or a family struggling to meet basic needs, feel free to provide support. ready to Embrace the new standard, explore your options, and consciously pave the way to your bright future.

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