Punjab CM Launch 50000 Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme For the Punjab People

CM Launch 50000 Roshan Gharana Solar Panel

Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme: The Roshan Gharana scheme has been launched by the Punjab government to provide relief to poor and deserving families, under which 50 thousand deserving families will be provided with free solar if they are also financially poor and facing heavy electricity bills. If you are very worried and you want to overcome these problems, then you don’t need to worry, you can also benefit from this program and get free solar, you just need to follow the following steps.

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And after that you can benefit from one KV solar system from Punjab government by applying in this program And can get rid of electricity bills. If you are looking for application procedure then you are at the right place. In this article you will be explained the complete procedure to apply for Roshan Gharana Scheme in simple words After which you can ensure the registration.

1kv Solar Panel For Punjab People

The Roshan Gharana scheme has been released for those families who consume electricity from 100 to 300 units per month and due to low income they are unable to pay the electricity bills has been launched by and only people living in Punjab can apply in it If you are a resident of Punjab and want to benefit from this program, you should register yourself in this program soon and benefit from the solar system.

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And the registration procedure has been made very easy, now you go to your nearest Bank of Punjab and submit your application so that as soon as the distribution of solar panels by the Punjab government starts, you can immediately get the solar panel scheme The government has announced to provide free solar to 50,000 families, if more than 50,000 applications are received, then a draw will be made and then 50,000 lucky families will be eligible.

Punjab CM Launch 50000 Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme For the Punjab People

Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Scheme

Roshan Gharana Scheme has been re-launched with the aim of initiating registration of the program to induct new families into the programme So that they too can benefit from solar energy and get rid of electricity bills. If you have not yet registered in this program, go to your nearest Punjab Bank soon and go there and get your solar in this program. If you go to Punjab, you should have electricity bills of one year as the officer at the bank will check your details and then register you in the program after the verification is complete.

After that you can get free solar system Maryam Nawaz says that she will provide solar system to every poor person who is unable to pay their bills due to low income if you pay your electricity bills. If you can’t fill it, you can get help from the Punjab government.

If there is no Bank of Punjab near you, then you don’t need to worry. You can also join this program by entering your information on the Punjab employment website. For more details you can read this complete topic it provides you with all the details about solar panels.


Roshan Gharana Scheme by Punjab Government is an excellent initiative to help the poor which improves the quality of life of needy families by providing them with solar panels And frees from electricity bills under solar energy. In this program all families living in Punjab can be eligible and can benefit from solar energy. If you are interested in applying, let me know the complete procedure in advance. You can easily enroll in this program by following this method.

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If we talk about the criteria of this program, you use electricity from 100 units to three hundred units per month and your monthly salary is less than 50 thousand and the most important thing is that you are a resident of Punjab if you are interested in them. If you meet the requirements, you can benefit from this program.

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