Benazir Aghosh Program 1500 Payment Starts By DHQ Hospitals From 15 July 2024

Benazir Aghosh 1500 Payment Released

Benazir Aghosh Program has released a grant of Rs 1500 for women registered in Benazir Aghosh Program. Pregnant and lactating women living in Pakistan who are registered under the Benazir Nashwa program can visit their nearest registered DHQ hospital and get an installment of Rs.1500.

According to the new update of the Aghosh program, it has been informed that the amount of the Benazir Aghosh program created by the Benazir Income Support Program will now be given from DHQ Hospital. Women who are eligible for BISP should also register themselves in the Benazir Aghosh Program if they are pregnant and lactating women.

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Benazir Aghosh Payment Receiving Method 2024

Nazir Aghosh program has been formally started and money has also started to be received through this program. Many women don’t know how to register for the Aghosh program and where to get the money. So now you don’t need to be a pensioner, here is the complete process of getting Benazira Ghosh program money. By following this you can do your registration and also get your money.

Because the women who have already registered in the Aghosh program have now received the money in their account. Now get this amount easily without any deduction by visiting your nearest DHK hospital. If you face any kind of problem, you should immediately call the helpline number of the Aghosh program and register your complaint. So that you can get your money easily.

Aghosh Program 2024

Aghosh Program 2024 is one of the largest social security programs in Pakistan. The program aims to improve the health and nutrition of pregnant women and children under the age of two in Pakistan’s poorest families. The Aghosh program is a popular cash transfer program for health and nutrition.

Benazir Aghosh Program 1500 Payment Starts By DHQ Hospitals From 15 July 2024

This program was started during the tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan. And the program has reached more than 1.5 million pregnant women and children since its inception. Now the new government has restarted the Aghosh program. And its money stream has also been improved. Now women under the Aghosh program can get their assistance money from their nearest registered DHQ hospital.

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The program has seen a positive impact on the health and nutrition of the beneficiaries. A study by the World Bank found that because of this program, pregnant women are unable to properly care for their children and themselves due to financial difficulties. They join this program and give birth to their babies in the health facility.

How to get Aghosh Program Money

Dear viewers if any women in your family are registered in the Agosh program. So let us tell you that a monthly payment of 1500 rupees has been issued by the Aghosh program. To receive this installment first visit your nearest DHQ hospital. And receive this episode from there Follow the following easy steps to receive this episode.

  • Visit your nearest DHQ hospital.
  • Contact a BISP Nashonoma Program representative.
  • Show your ID card.
  • Provide your biometric (fingerprint).
  • Receive your installment 1500

Aghosh Program Registration New Method 

Registration for Benazir Aghosh Program has started and many women have completed their registration. However, some women do not know where to register. The complete registration procedure is given below. Follow which get your registration done immediately and get a free checkup every two months and also get assistance amount. The registration process for the Benazir Aghosh program is straightforward. Here’s how you can easily join the program:

  • Visit your nearest DHQ hospital to start the registration process. Make sure you get a complete check-up and report from the official doctor.
  • Take this report to the BISP tehsil office and inform the representative of your intention to register for the Benazir Aghosh program.
  • The representative will verify your report and provide you with the necessary registration form.
  • Fill out the registration form and submit it to the Benazir Income Support Program office.
  • Once your registration form is submitted, you will officially join the Benazir Nashonoma program.
  • Your eligibility will be verified, and if you meet the criteria, you will be admitted to the program. You will be assisted by the Nashonuma program at the respective DHQ center for monthly check-ups.

By following these simple steps, you can easily enroll and benefit from the Benelux Growth Program.

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The start of disbursement of 1500 payments of the Benazir Aghosh Program through DHQ Hospitals is an important step towards providing vital financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries. With this program, pregnant and lactating women registered under the Benazir Nashonoma program can now easily collect their installments from their nearest DHQ hospitals. The decision is aimed at streamlining the distribution process and ensuring that beneficiaries get timely assistance without any hassle.

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